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Skyscraper bud canSkyscraper Legal Buds - Can

International Oddities Smoke Shop

- We Invite You To Light up Your Life and "Smoke the Exotic" TM with the 30 year world leader in the legal buds smoking realm.

Skyscraper legal buds - All New! "the look, taste and pleasure you want" from International Oddities. A supremely pleasing and unique legal herbal bud that borders on the extraordinary. These big green buds bursting with neon green freshness and crystally composition come highly recommended! Explore the heights of new revelation with the latest canned bud of legal weed. Light up with this VERY popular smoke.! Order Skyscraper Bud today and smoke tomorrow! To save $45, click here. (each can contains approx. 1 oz.) 

skyscraper can info

Dro Bud CanDro - Can

The original Dro- Golden herbal Buds! A blazingly spectacular choice with an extra dimension of "taste". Sweet, complex, delightfully pleasing, we think you'll agree "Dro" is an incredible choice and comes highly recommended. A long-time customer fave so Buy now, smoke now, be happy now! It's Dro- order Dro today! To save $45, click here. (each can contains approx. 1 oz.)  

dro can info

Panama Gold CanPanama Gold - Can

Panama Gold Legal Buds- "Deep red haired bud" For those with high expectations we love the bright, clean taste that will never let you down. Your friends will be impressed when (and if) you ever choose to share. Light up with the smoke customers order again and again. To save $45, click here.(each can contains approx. 1 oz.)  

panama gold info

Krypto CanKrypto - Can

Yummy legal bud. Pop open the freshpack can and the smell alone will floor you. Supreme quality and freshness- the impressive bright green buds are stunning and a pleasure to experience. The result of years of experiments and testing, this ultra potent product will have you marveling at the texture, taste, smell and smoke of this flagship bud only available from International Oddities. Try "Krypto" today. To save $45, click here. (each can contains approx. 1 oz.) 

Krypto info

Bahli Bubble Bud CanBahli Bubble Bud - Can

An intriguing herbal buds smoke with a delightful depth of taste and a supremely buoyant presence, Bahli Bubble Legal Bud breaks new ground in exotic featured smokes. The depth of color reflects the complex vibratory character of this universally appealing smoke of the elite. To save $45, click here.(each can contains approx. 1 oz.) 

Bahli Bubble Can info

Stunk CanStunk - Can

Stunk - "The smelliest herbal smoke you'll ever love" That pretty much says it all!. A pleasingly pungent smoke that has an extremely strong familiar scent with impressively strong overtones. A very recommended legalbud but keep the lid on! A triumph to the esoteric multi-dimensional mellowness of a truly satisfying International Oddities product. To save $45, click here. (each can contains approx. 1 oz.) 

Stunk Can info

A'hia Bud CanA'hia Bud - Can

Ahia Bud - HAWAII Hybrid, High Quality, Get Your A'HIA Legal buds For the first time ever! From the fields of Hawaii to your door! Get this fine Hawaiian hybrid herbal bud. Ahia bud is hand groomed/harvested from the richest volcanic soil in the World. A robust smoke that's all its own. Info- call the "Ahia Hot-line" at 1 (818) 688-8188. If you crave the unique and rare give this a try. It's a premier product for the region. To save $45, click here. (each can contains approx. 1 oz.) 

A'hia Bud Can info

Rasta Smoke CanRasta Smoke - Can

Always a hit that offers a unique vibratory delight, we can't recommend this legal weed product enough. A premier "Roll Your Own" smoke for the sacred spirit in each of us, International Oddities Rasta Smoke (inspired by the Rastafari) is not only a worthy diversion, but the pleasing smoke touches a primal need to align our spirit with higher forces. Whether you smoke for pleasure or enlightenment, enjoy Rasta Smoke in a pipe, hand-rolled, or in a hookah. To save $45, click here. (each can contains approx. 1 oz.)  

Rasta Smoke info

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