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Dro Herbal buds in a Can by International Oddities

Dro CanDro Herbal Buds Can

Herbal buds Dro are a favorite and long-time International Oddities herbal smoke product.

They are the original and true golden buds choice of discerning smokers everywhere. The original Dro- with large golden herbal buds! These buds smoke smooth, are sweet, and deliver a mosaic of pleasure. These buds are incredible and tend to fly off the shelf fast.

So order some Dro herbal buds today and see what you have been missing! To save $45, click here. (each can contains approx. 1 oz. and they are filled by volume).

Price: $45.00
Kindle your existing life-style making use of International Oddities ground-breaking premium quality herbal buds. Our own useful innovative packaging methods make certain you'll get pleasure from perfect craftsmanship inside each and every resealable can. Globally also known as by far the foremost authority on the planet, our very own product line has graduated the actual talent of smoking, raising it towards a wonderful superior quality level and gratification. The ideal selection from the environmentally friendly herbal buds supplier inside of a unique smoking world.

Dro herbal buds pic

Bahli Bubble herbal buds are another favorite, and Dro also comes in a box-of-bud.

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