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    Skyscraper - Can
    Dro Bud - Can
    Panama Gold - Can
    Krypto Bud - Can
    Bahli Bubble - Can
    Stunk Bud - Can
    A'hia Bud - Can
    Rasta Smoke - Can
    Wizard Smoke - Can
    Shotgun 6 pack
    Skyscraper Bud
    Blueberry Bud
    Black Widow Bud
    NE146 Bud
    Albino Rhino Bud
    Crystal Ball Bud
    Panama Gold - Box
    Stunk Bud - Box
    Crystal Ball - Box
    Rasta Smoke - Box
    Blueberry Bud - Box
    Dro Bud - Box
    A'hia Bud - Box
    Krypto Bud - Box
    NE146 Bud - Box
    Bahli Bubble - Box
    Diablo Smoke - Box
    Wizard Smoke - Box
    Albino Rhino - Box
    Black Widow - Box
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International Oddities History

International Oddities - A Specialty Smoking Company

International Oddities, a 25+ year company that markets its specialty smoking products throughout the World, is determined to turn peoples perception of smoking on its ear.

By defining a "niche" in World markets for their unconventional smoking line, they have brought something new, unique and overtly special to the table. International Oddities products are described as "fun" and a very cool diversion by its legion of aficionados.

For those looking for the camaraderie and satisfaction of smoking without the harmful effects of nicotine, International Oddities products may be the best news since the match.

Revolution in the strike of a Match

Taking the smoke shop industry by storm, International Oddities states "selling a smoking accessory without our products is like selling a car without tires". With catch phrases like "light up your life", "we're growing your field of dreams" and "the most exotic smokes in the world", the International Oddities product line appeals to style-conscious consumers everywhere.

The company states "tobacco use is passé. That's fine for the Betty Davis generation, but our smokes are more in step with the smoking public's dreams and desires of what constitutes a great smoke". Customers have spoken: International Oddities products are America's first choice. Blow a smoke ring to the stars with for the world's most unique smoking experience.
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