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    Rasta Smoke - Box
    Blueberry Bud - Box
    Dro Bud - Box
    A'hia Bud - Box
    Krypto Bud - Box
    NE146 Bud - Box
    Bahli Bubble - Box
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    Wizard Smoke - Box
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International Oddities, a 30 year company that markets its specialty smoking products throughout the World, is determined to turn peoples perception of smoking on its ear.

By defining a "niche" in World markets for their unconventional smoking line, they have brought something new, unique and overtly special to the table. International Oddities products are described as "fun" and a very cool diversion by its legion of aficionados.

For those looking for the camaraderie and satisfaction of smoking without the harmful effects of nicotine, International Oddities products may be the best news since the match.

Headquest Magazine Full Interview, May 2007

Headquest Magazine's 10 QUESTIONS for International Oddities' Bill Black

-Tell me about International Oddities (history, overview, products offered)

IO's development staff began tinkering with Mother Natures secrets over 25 years ago. Inspired by an interest in healing and metaphysics, we hit the astral floor running towards a new era of smoking that has finally come of age. Our unique "eye in the sky" perspective gave us a vantage point to draw from which has produced results some say are "otherworldly".

Besides, tobacco use is passe, a by-product of the Betty Davis generation so to speak. Our non-tobacco products draw on the analogy of smoke as a representative force or symbolic gateway towards higher realms of awareness. We find this considerably preferable to the traditional nicotine rut.

-Where do you get all your buds from?

Our products can be said to be represented from the four corners of the globe. We had a pretty good idea of the quality and semi-miracle we were looking for at the onset, but to have commercial quantities of such rare botanicals has always proved to be a challenge. Fortunately though, not an impossibility.

-How do you find them/how are they grown?

Occasionally its seems like some Indiana Jones adventure. Our preference is to take a product from seed to smoke and that always proves to be its own particular adventure. It has to be a labor of love because no one would retain the staying power required without a passion for the product.

-What exactly are these buds?

We like to use the term "Hybrid" although that term has been subject to some abuse in the market as of late. We detest the term "Herbal Blends" because that implies mixing a few bags of $2 a pound herbs together and telling people to smoke it. Some of our products have been so expensive to develop for commercial distribution it will take years for those lines to produce a profit....but hell-we didn't get into this for the money. It was more of a calling if we may be so bold.

-What feelings does smoking these elicit?

You ask a very subjective and spiritually personal question, not unlike "what does the color of blue taste like" or "what dimensional variation of mind is unraveled in the sensory overload of a rose"...But here you go-

"Each International Oddities product offers a smoking experience of a unique vibratory level of delight, ultimately illuminating many stopping posts for contemplation of the great unraveling mysteries of life".

-How is the response been toward these products?

As multi-faceted as there are smokers in paradise. We find it amusing that consumers love our line, presentation, and perspective but stores oftentimes have no reference point for what they think is just a pack of cigarettes, but isn't a pack of cigs at all. It's actually a R.Y.O. "box of buds" with rolling papers built right in the side of the pack. Our products are "some assembly required" and there is little comparison to anything else in the market like it...and the matter gets even more complex once you smoke one. Aahh that is the price of innovation I suppose. By the way we should point out our products are expensive by some stores standards.

-What are your best sellers?

Some accelerated sellers tend to be regionally specific but if we consider the US market as a whole, sales are spread pretty evenly throughout the 14 boxes and 7 canned buds we sell.

-What kind of display option do you offer?

Our "fresh-pack rolling kit" as we like to call our boxes comes in a pop open carton rather like your traditional cigarette carton. Our 7 "pop-fresh cans" are generally stacked in the geometric pattern of your choice.

-What's in store for the future?

We have a smoking accessory as well as clothing line coming out that should prove as transgressionally divergent from the norm as our "box of bud" and "can of bud" smoking products are.

-Anything else you'd like to add or something you want to make sure I emphasize?

There have been hundreds of websites over the last few years that have used our federally registered product names without permission and as a result there has been a fair amount of confusion about who we are and who we are not. No one to date can offer what we are able to provide the public or we would happily buy from them!

By making available the best Mother Nature has to offer from the furthest reaches of the Globe, we set the standard for a new era of smoking pleasure...& invite you to "Smoke the Exotic". For more information please visit
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