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    Blueberry Bud - Box
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    A'hia Bud - Box
    Krypto Bud - Box
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    Wizard Smoke - Box
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legal weed Rasta Smoke Box

Rasta Smoke BoxRasta Smoke Box

Rasta Smoke, also called legal weed, is recommended for those that follow the Rastafarian ways with it's pleasant aroma and unique vibe. It comes highly recommended and is a hit amongst friends - a fun smoke to share in a group communing with and appreciating Mother Earth.

This one-of-a-kind bud box is its own original rolling kit, and includes rolling papers attached to the side of the box and a pull out tray to break up your buds so that you can roll your hand-made cigs. Rolling is made even easier with the free rolling machine included in every order. And you can always check how much legal weed Rasta Smoke is left in the box from through the peek-a-bud view window.

Price: $25.00

For a larger quantity see legal weed Rasta Smoke in a can, or check out another great herbal smoke, Crystal Ball Bud.
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