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    Skyscraper - Can
    Dro Bud - Can
    Panama Gold - Can
    Krypto Bud - Can
    Bahli Bubble - Can
    Stunk Bud - Can
    A'hia Bud - Can
    Rasta Smoke - Can
    Wizard Smoke - Can
    Shotgun 6 pack
    Skyscraper Bud
    Blueberry Bud
    Black Widow Bud
    NE146 Bud
    Albino Rhino Bud
    Crystal Ball Bud
    Panama Gold - Box
    Stunk Bud - Box
    Crystal Ball - Box
    Rasta Smoke - Box
    Blueberry Bud - Box
    Dro Bud - Box
    A'hia Bud - Box
    Krypto Bud - Box
    NE146 Bud - Box
    Bahli Bubble - Box
    Diablo Smoke - Box
    Wizard Smoke - Box
    Albino Rhino - Box
    Black Widow - Box
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All comments actual International Oddities customers:

"There is no bud like International Oddities Bud! I love the new Can 'o' Bud. This is top of the line. I have tried practically all of your buds and I plan to try them all. I don't smoke, I use a vaporizor, and the aromas and flavors are truly amazing this way." Robi

"All I can say is Wow!!! What an amazing buy. And I can't believe it's legal! I received my order of Krypto and Dro last night and me and my buddy smoked it. Much stronger smoke and more enjoyable than anything I have done. Really impressed my friends. You guys do an amazing job and now have a new faithful customer. Keep up the good work." Terry

"Sorry I didn't email you guys sooner but I have been out of town this last week. Well I did receive my package last Wednesday. Thank you guys and I will order more stuff from you guys now that I know you are not like other sites that just take the money and don't send what I ordered like ***** **** *** what a joke they are. You guys kick ass." Mike

"Thank you, I actually just got it (Krypto can) today with regular shipping, GREAT!  It was all I expected and I would like to thank you for the sample - it's good as well.  I will recommend it to all my friends.  Thanks." Doc

"Hi, thank you - I got my (pound of Krypto) and I am happy with it. Thank you." Martin

"I just wanted to let you know that your products are amazing!  I ordered a can of Krypto and a tube of Black Widow, it only took about 5 days to get here, including non-business days!!!  The free samples are great and the product is of the Highest quality!  Thanks guys!" Jeffrey

"I tried some Dro with a friend and was really surprised what a great smoke it was. Thank you & Nice stuff!" Vince

"Dear BudMasters of Justice, Wow I am so IMPRESSED not only did the O of Dro look better than its pic but I got all these samples, man I can't believe how bad (other company) Screwed me (bagoshake) You wonderful people got order in 2 days, you have a customer for life." Thomas

"I ordered some bud and it was gooood. I love it." Brandon

You supply the most exotic smoking experience!" (Cans: Panama Gold, Dro, Krypto, Bahli Bubble Bud, A'hia Bud, Stunk, Rasta Smoke) Mark

"My order was delivered today which is awesome.. it got here quick.
Enjoyed the smokes. Thanks again." Steve

"I just wanted tell you you're the best!" Tom


"I just got my 4 cans of "bud". (Stunk, A'hia, Rasta Smoke, Panama Gold) I must say that was fast delivery, and some good stuff! Keep up the good work, we need you out here!!!" Rhonda

"Thank you - great product." William

"Thank you - got the Shotgun 6-pack yesterday - wow - thanks" John

"I tried your product (Krypto) and I am now a very loyal consumer, I am very picky...LOL..ever since I tried your product , my energy and relaxation are so excellent. Your company is "Heaven Sent". See you very soon , have a great day - a loyal consumer !!! Sandra

"I received my order today, on time. I am impressed. I am feeling real good right now - if all products are as good as my first (Blueberry Bud), I'll keep ordering and coming back for more. Can't wait to let my friends try it WOWWWW!!!!!!!!! " Todd

"I am very impressed with the quality of your product. I only wished I had heard of you years ago!! thanks again!!" MRB

"I don't like cigarettes but I still wanna smoke, and I think your product is the best option." Clyde

"Hi, I ordered the Ahia bud and I enjoyed it alot." Aaron

"I just received an oz of Dro in the mail today, sat down, and smoked a good amount of it with some buddies and my girfriend. We were all impressed." David

"Dear I.O.
Well, I received my order in about two days and I was impressed with what I ordered (Blueberry Bud) . I would like to have the opportunity to try all the varieties you have to offer. I will be placing another order here soon, maybe sometime this week. Anyways, I thank ya'll." Drew

"Hey there I.O., I received my Shotgun 6-pack and I'm impressed! Lots of buds, smells great and smokes easy. Love it!" Jesse

"Thanks for the info - received Krypto!! Great stuff, thanks!!" Ross

"I got (the Dro and A'hia Bud Cans) and am very happy.  I look forward to treats from your company.  They are always relaxing and unique.  From what I researched I like that you have about 33 total to choose from rather than half a million bags of wild herbs.  I love that budget friendly Acapulco Bud.  It is a great deal.  I may order the economy size as I really find that blend very relaxing.  I am pleased with your product line though I have not tried everything.  I trust when I do it will always be a unique experience. Sincerely, Chris"

"What is the recommended way to smoke the Black "O"?  Got a sample with my last order (which I greatly enjoyed - thanks!) and was curious.  Thanks!" C.W.

Note: Try a Hookah!

"Krypto is wow" G.W

"I received my order Saturday and have been enjoying it ever since, and I just ordered A'hia and Blueberry also (I was that impressed!) and I wanted to thank you guys for a great site and service. You've got a customer for life! Thanks, Matthew"

"You guys rock - you guys really know how to treat customers. Keep up the good work. I purchased the Albino Rhino. HOW IS THIS STUFF LEGAL?!?!?! You have a customer for life, I will never order anywhere else." sean

"This stuff is awesome, and super fast shipping. Keep up the good work. You will have a customer for life!!!" Tyler

"First off I purchased some of your Blueberry Buds, it was not to my expectations, it was BETTER!! I just got done rolling ... and am finishing the smoke right now. I can say it is by far the best I've ever tried. U have a customer for life my friends." jon

"I am a first time buyer of your high quality products - very impressed - keep up the fantastic work" Vince

"I love this stuff and it's only my first order. Oh, I'll be back, trust that, for much more. I think I'll try your Dro next! Much luv, Dk"

"The smoke is amazing - I hate cigs and cant smoke anything else......your buds are a great alternative and its so relaxing to be able to sit down after a hard day and ease the mind. Keep up the good work and again thank you." Matt

"I received your package and I am truly impressed with your product." Charles

"How's it going. I just picked up some of your Blueberry Buds from one of my local smokeshops, and I just wanted to let you guys know that this stuff really works for me! I can't believe it's LEGAL!!!" B.W.

"A few days ago I ordered the Herbal Black O... How can something !LEGAL! be so great?" Corey

"Just received my order (2 weeks to Alberta, Canada) of 1 ounce Panama Gold and 1/4 pound of Black "O" and i opened it right away, in fact, tore into it like an animal. As an avid smoker(everyday), i must say i'm pretty impressed!!!" Mr. Doe

"I received your package and I am truly impressed with your product (Wizard Machine with Panama Gold). I will be ordering more of your products in the near future (after the Christmas rush). Once again, I thank you. Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year." C.

"Hi all, I just got my order today after a long weekend of waiting!!! Once again it was worth the wait:-) You folks are hands down #1. Thank you. " Bill

"Wooow! My order of Albino Rhino just came in. I was thrilled and amazed of the way this stuffed looked. I'm totally satisfied and can't wait to try your other products. Customer for life." Bobby *** from Texas

"This stuff is awsome, and super fast shipping. Keep up the good work. You will have a customer forever!!! Tyler

"I must admit I was leary of ordering. After being riped off big time by *************. I got my order in three days from Cali to CT! I ordered the Shotgun Six Pack..lots of big buds, I think it's more than a 1/2oz! Anyway I rolled a fatty of Blueberry and a fatty of Albino Rhino..
The smell and taste of the Bluberry was amazing, I immediately followed with the Albino Rhino, which is very mellow and smooth. In my opinion these smokes go great with a cold brew.. IO dudes great job, You have a customer for time A'hia Bud and Krypto with a side of Panama Gold! Btw thanks for the freebies! Thanks.. I.O. YOU GUYS ROCK!" Woody

"I love your products! I noticed there was nowhere to post a testimonial so I thought I'd send you one. I just bought an oz. of Panama Gold and could not be more thrilled. I have to say I was skeptical at first, but now I'm your best customer . Keep up the great work!" G.

"JUST received my first order ya'll treated me great!! The Maui is good! but Black-o is HAPPENING!!!  WILL BE ORDERING MORE FRIDAY !!!  KEEP UP THE GREAT SMOKE & THE GREAT SERVICE & WE ALL WILL!!!!!!GET ALONG!!!

"This is a note of thanks for all the staff at I.O. I received  my order yesterday, and I must say it couldn't have arrived any sooner!  Thank's again for going out of your way to help out. Have a blessed season, and looking forward to doing business with you folks in the  future! Thanks again,"  T

"Hi i just wanted to tell you I really enjoy ordering from your store. This is the best place. I am really happy with all the items i have orderd from you - thanks" Randy

"I got a sample of some great stuff and thanks for the excellent feedback I will defintely be referring you to my friends and family.. IO rules...and nice discreet packaging"  Dex

"Thank you very much for your timely response, I look fowrard to being your long time customer. I am glad you guys are out there to light up my life.You guys should come up with some cool posters of your individual products. I would love to hang them up on my wall =) i really like your Dro and the Krypto.
Thank you again - sincerely a VERY satisfied customer"  Jon

"Just wanted to say thank you for being around to brighten up my day. You guys ROCK, I ordered an oz. of the Dro and it came within two days. I am going to try your A'hia Bud and your Krypto next can't wait!" Matt


"Love your products. I purchased your 6-Pack (nice), your DRO (very nice) and your Ahia (ok). I just ordered some Krypto, more DRO and some meltdown. I am pleased so far, always looking for the best b*** for my buck. Thanks for being there for me"

"I got my order in the mail today and all i have to say is wow!! I picked up the 1/2 oz. of Krypto and I'm very pleased. Shipping was extremely fast and I urge all smoke fans to give it a try - you won't be disappointed and thanks for the free sample!" S. S.

"I would like to start by thanking you for offering a quality smoking product. I have tried the Krypto, Dro and Black O. I am looking forward to trying some other smoking products you offer. Everything I have tried has been a pleasing smoking expierence. Thank You." Steve

"I just had to email you guys and let you know how impressed i am with my first order. I ordered a sample of your Krypto product thursday morning ...much to my surprise (and delight!) I received my order this afternoon by Express shipping!!! The product i received is exactly what is pictured on your site! Not only did i receive the product i ordered but i also received a sample of your Black "O" product (i WILL be ordering some of this soon!)" Craig

"Just wanted to say your products rock and love the combo deal for all Six Shotgun tubes of "herbs" Love it and thanks" JT

"Hey kind people @ International Oddities, just wanted to thank you for
puting out great alternatives to "tobacco". i always look forward to
sitting down and enjoying a nice puff of some A'hia Bud or some Dro.
So, to the fine people of International Oddities , thanks for making my life easier!!!!!
p.s cant wait to see what you come up with next" :)

"I confirm my next order of one 6 Shotgun Pack and 1 oz of Panama Gold. I really enjoy your 6 shotgun pack. It is a real delight. Thanks and have a nice day."

Dear Int. Oddities
"I just ordered an oz of Panama Gold and an oz of Dro and I am very
impressed! So were my friends they all loved it. To make a long story
short I dont have much left of what I bought and my friends and I have had
a hell of a time."
Your new returning customer

"Just wanted to let you guys know I just got my package (sooner than I
thought I would). This stuff is AWESOME! I just smoked a little (with the
roller and papers you provided - THANKS!) and I'm one happy guy. It's the
best legal smoke I've EVER had. I'll definitely be ordering from IO
again, and again, and again, and again... and so on."

"Damn your stuff is good and there are so many.  I started with the 420 Special
cuz ya know thats got to be good -man that Stunk was stinky. Then tried the
Kryptonite Special. The free samples were cool...thanks - I'll get some of that Black O and the oil next. PeAcE OuT." 

"Thank you very much! I enjoy your products and will order more!!"

"Wonderful. Thank you. From Japan."

"I've tried the Ultra Wizard Smoke. It did have a goooooood taste." Smith

"Hey I just gotta tell you guys I ordered an OZ of your Dro like a month ago, smoked the whole f***in thing except for like 3 buds (savin those low on cash). That sh** was bomb, I really enjoyed that bud. Don't ever get rid of that bud its soo good for herbal..... Honestly so far that is the best bud anywhere. E every other site I've gone to just doesn't match up, just recently I ordered some **** **** from ************.com pssh that was a joke ....You guys are doin a bomb job no wonder you've been around for over 20 years, Keep up the good work."

"I happened to order some products from the Oddities page and that sh**'s **** ****!!! So I think whoever is curious should give it a try, what u got to lose....." Julio

"Hello, I would first like to say that I love your products. I buy alot of your products at the **** ****** company in New Orleans. Yesterday I bought some O.P.N." Steve

"I think your products and service are great keep so up the good work-- I will be ordering again soon"---Lamar


"They (International Oddities) products are great. I've tried about 12 of their smokes and they are all pretty damm good."  HRsmokesalot

"I bought a bag of Krypto, and it's really good" Jonathan

"Already got it, thanks -  you all are great!!!! Very impressed.."

"The Ultra Wizard Smoke ... was great it gave me great high quYlity like it said" jason

"yo man I been a big fan keep up the good work." Juan

It arrived today... less than 24 hours... I'm sooooo impressed by this!!!!  Posting kudos galore about you at *********.com - thanks so much!" Noah

"I just purchased a tube of Blueberry Buds and have enjoyed the smoke." Hector

"Just wanted to let you folks know I was very impressed with the Shotgun 6 pack I recently received. Excellent smoke , very tasty and surprisingly nice, very mellow, I like much ...... Anyway.....keep up the good work ......after trying many other herb sites, you are "The BOMB"and will get all my business in the future, also, thanks for the free stuff, very nice,:)"  Dan

"Hi, I have been smoking your legal buds as of late and I am seriously impressed .......Thank you, and thanx for the good bud. :)"  G in Tenn. "been using ur Skyscraper if it matters"

"Your product is da shiot...  Thank you...." Manny

"Thank You for the mail so fast ! We have always been very pleased with International Oddities!"  Ben and Ann

"Hey guys,
Thanks for the prompt shipment. Got some Krypto. What is this stuff????? It works for me. Wow."  Mike

"I have tried the Krypto and was very pleased with it" Phillip


"i got some Black Widow and it is GOOD." Todd

"International Oddities products kick ass. I've bought for 6 years now and can't believe how many products they have that are worth their weight in bud! Thanks!!!!!!!!!" Brian

"Thank you very much. I just received your order and have to say that I am extremely impressed. I will definitely order from u guys again within the future. If you could keep me updated with anything new via email. You guys are awesome." Reno

"I just wanted to say I bought some Wizard Smoke from one of your wholesalers and it is the best smoke that I have experienced.  Thank you!"  Andy

"Your smokes are the finest tobacco alternatives I've ever found. I've been telling everyone about you.  Thanks." Kenny

"And thanks for the great product. Hopefully, you continue your success."  Jim

"Me and my best friend Jason ordered some Meltdown and Dro a few weeks ago. International Oddities is the best. Other companies don't even compare."

"I'm sparkin' up right now lol sum gooood shyt"
Michael aka "Mikey"

"Received my order today and it kicks ass! Sorry if i seemed impatient. haven't tried them all yet, but the Black Widow and the A'hia are awesome! I'll definitely be back for more.Thanks again for answering my questions quickly.The free-bies are cool, too! A couple of my buds (no pun intended) were impressed! Can't wait to sample the rest. It looks like it's going to be a great weekend! Thanks again!" F.L.

"Your products are the finest alternative smoke I have ever tried.  So far, all are excellent products - far superior to that herbal tea and shake the other "Greed Merchants" are offering out there.  International Oddities' products are certainly taking the alternative smoking market in the 'right direction'." Daniel

"Just letting you know your product is great fun" willie

I received the package of ESP. This stuff really works. I can not believe that stuff...............It's a date I'll never forget."

"Thanks for the quick response and info. I received my order today. Pretty amazing and very cool extra's! Thanks from a very satisfied customer."  Kyle

"I recently bought 3 of your products and they are all really good. I got the Wizard Smoke first, then I wanted to try your buds so I got Crystal Ball, That stuff was really good ..., 3rd I got some of your Txxx Stick which I really like. My friends were sceptical about it but after I smoked some with them they changed their attitude about it."  Alan

"Just received my order and I'm truly impressed with the quality."  Jef

"Thank you and i love your products"  Cheryl

"We are very impressed by the Panama Gold that we received and are sure that we will continue to order in the future."  Chandra


"It was last Friday night and I just got a 1/2 oz of Krypto

and Black "O" the day before...Txxx Stix was so sweet, very nice and if you buy anything get this." Jax

"Ok, a friend from New York came down to see us, he brought some of your Panama Gold.... and we smoked it, and I'm still feeling totally amazed about the quality of your Panama Gold! I love it!" Andy

"Hello, to my new friends...Your Wizard Smoke is an interesting smoke and I really find it a pleasure to smoke. You will be my driving force to keep it legal. Ernesto

"I recently tried your Ultra Wizard Smoke and thought it to be the real bomb....Keep up the good work." Dave

Web Posting:

International Oddities is a specialized company based in California. I have ordered from this company numerous times and have never been disappointed. It's hard to pick the best product, but I like Krypto. It's a dense plant. It's 100% legal (as are all of their products) and smells and tastes very nice. You smoke it just like you do in your choice of water pipe, vaporizer, roller or pipe and can mix well with any other smoking herbs. I rate this a high 7 -- not bad for a legal product that you can order as much of as you want, assuming you have the cash.

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