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    Skyscraper - Can
    Dro Bud - Can
    Panama Gold - Can
    Krypto Bud - Can
    Bahli Bubble - Can
    Stunk Bud - Can
    A'hia Bud - Can
    Rasta Smoke - Can
    Wizard Smoke - Can
    Shotgun 6 pack
    Skyscraper Bud
    Blueberry Bud
    Black Widow Bud
    NE146 Bud
    Albino Rhino Bud
    Crystal Ball Bud
    Panama Gold - Box
    Stunk Bud - Box
    Crystal Ball - Box
    Rasta Smoke - Box
    Blueberry Bud - Box
    Dro Bud - Box
    A'hia Bud - Box
    Krypto Bud - Box
    NE146 Bud - Box
    Bahli Bubble - Box
    Diablo Smoke - Box
    Wizard Smoke - Box
    Albino Rhino - Box
    Black Widow - Box
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Why Smoke Legal Smoke?

Legal Herbal Smoke Picture
As the innovator and ultimate creator of the most unique and exotic aspect of the entire smoking industry, we are often asked this very question.

We can adamantly state with the most respectful of grins that any potential consumer making such a query has yet to ever actually try our products or such a question would have never crossed their lips.

We find the entrapment of addiction unappealing, and although tobacco, cigars and such have their place in the enjoyment of Mother Nature's endowments, the accelerated pleasures inspired by International Oddities' exotic, esoteric and extremely high-grade quality legal herbs are second to none.

The novelty of holding a fresh-pack rolling kit or patented pop-fresh can inevitably creates an air of wonderment at the mystical intervention that must have occurred in order to produce the most ground breaking smoking line ever to engage the smoke shop industry.

bill black/international oddities

Herbal smoking buds pictured at left
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